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How wonderful and marvelous it is to have an intimate relationship with God. Even the very thought or mention of such a possibility existing is enough to totally overwhelm our minds and understanding. Yet, this is what God desires for us and has made possible for those who believe in Him. It is truly sad for any human being to be born, live and die without experiencing the pleasure, duty, honor; privilege and saving grace of “knowing” God. Not only just knowing Him by name or knowing of Him, but knowing Him in a very personal way; a way that is totally impossible outside the working of Holy Spirit within the human heart - A way that changes us to where we can never be the same again.  A way that fulfills in detail the message of Psalms 34:8 (NLTse), “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!”

The Book of 1 John presents us with a appetizing glimpse into the available wonders and joys of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ the Son. Here we learn more about the nature of Christ and many of the great and marvelous things that He has made possible for those who love Him. We are also provided with additional assurances of our salvation and the power of the cross as relayed by those who were eye witnesses to His glory and power.  

This new series of messages based on 1 John begins December 3. We invite you to come and enjoy them with us. We will grow spiritually together.

Pastor John   November 25, 2017


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Much too often we as human beings accept what we have heard and what we feel without investigating the validity or strength on which it is based. To our sorrow, much of what we accept as a factual basis for our beliefs as Christians is arrived upon in the same manner. We tend to place a lot of confidence in what we think or what we feel, forgetting that our thinking may change and our feelings may also change. Truth is truth. Truth is constant as well as absolute. Truth is completely independent of what we may think or feel. It is therefore vitally important that we base our Christian beliefs on the unchanging truth of God’s Word, the Bible. God’s Word is the exact reflection of who and what He is, the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and eternally. We may place different labels, such as denominations, on the interpretation and application of His truth, but the fundamental basis of the the Christian faith and the nature of God as defined by His Word must never be compromised or adjusted to fit or explain culture, time, nationality, politics or anything visible or invisible. We cannot recognize what is not truth unless we know what is truth. We cannot know what is truth unless we know what God has revealed to us through His Word. His truth and His truth alone is totally time proof - without error or flaw.


The move to disregard the word “Easter” entirely and replace it with “Resurrection Day” was motivated with good intentions but the facts surrounding it leave much to be desired. We may use either the word ”Easter” or the term “Resurrection Day” but it is dangerous to be dogmatic about either. The following link from Christianity Today should prove to be of help. Please click and read: EASTER OR RESURRECTION DAY